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The Prime Approach

Prime Academics seeks to provide unmatched, bespoke tutoring and academic counseling grounded in compassionate relationships. Our students are not merely a jumble of assignments and standardized tests. They are vibrant individuals who defy formulaic mentorship and benefit most from tutors who strive to understand their lives, personalities, and aspirations. Our record of success springs from a versatile approach that emphasizes tutor accessibility and embraces each student’s unique learning style.  


We work only with well-rounded tutors and counselors who share our values of responsiveness, academic excellence, and empathy. Expertise, stellar credentials, and meaningful experience are necessary but not sufficient conditions for an outstanding Prime tutor. We also require strong communication skills, commitment to the craft of mentorship, passion, and patience, and these attributes can only be assessed by getting to know our tutors thoroughly. This deep understanding of both our tutors and our students enables us to curate professional tutor-student matches that capitalize on the strengths of both individuals. In every case, Prime tutors are always accessible to their students and check in with them regularly.


While the landscape of both tutoring and admissions counseling has always evolved rapidly, the last few years have been particularly fraught with change. Prime has swiftly developed innovative strategies that enhance our capacity to connect with our students, wherever they may be. Additionally, we have partnered with college admissions experts as the emphasis has begun to shift from impersonal grades and standardized test scores to human profiles that capture applicants’ character and ambitions. Prime’s devotion to holistic academic development and nurturing gives our students the advantage.


Try as we might, the Prime philosophy is difficult to encapsulate in writing. It is something you must experience for yourself. Even if you are on the fence, please give us a call for a glimpse into the world of concierge-style tutoring and what sets it apart. In addition, read what our current students and parents say about our engaged, integrative approach. We look forward to working with you! 

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A message from our founder, Alex Porush

I have dedicated myself to the craft of private tutoring for the past twelve years. After working with hundreds of students in nearly every academic subject, I came to focus on mathematics, my greatest passion. My approach to tutoring is simple, or so I thought. I transcend the typical weekly session dynamic, becoming fully invested in my students and encouraging them to correspond with me throughout the week to ask for help and provide me with updates. I also create customized content (practice exercises, practice exams, and study guides, among others) to supplement what my students are working on and to expose them to fresh material and new ways of thinking. My students know that I am always accessible and committed to their long-term success. My role, both as a tutor and a mentor, continues to evolve over the many years that I work with most families. 

Finding tutors in other subjects that bring the same level of excitement, expertise, and compassion to their sessions should be easy, right? Unfortunately, it seems that the tutoring market's inefficiency to deliver high-quality tutors has left students and their parents frustrated. I founded Prime Academics to address these students' particular needs. I sought out tutors who are gurus in their own respective fields and share the values that made me a successful tutor: expertise, collegiality, accessibility, and versatility. Now, students have the opportunity to work with our top-notch tutors while still maintaining my full involvement and commitment to making sure that all their needs are met. Supported by our small-team, collaborative approach, our students attain the highest levels of academic achievement without undue stress.

I curate every single student-tutor match by getting to know both our students and our tutors on a very personal level. The foundation of all successful tutoring programs and mentorships is the connection between the student and the tutor.

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