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Introducing the Prime Academics University Lecture Series

This summer we are excited to provide a new type of programming for high school students. The University Lecture Series connects students to world renowned professors from some of the nation's top institutions in personalized small group sessions.

Program benefits:


Meet college professors in an intimate, small group setting and have the opportunity to ask questions directly during an interactive hour long lecture.


Learn about a fascinating new university level topic that you likely won't have the opportunity to see anywhere else. Open your mind up to the possibilities of different college majors and gain insight into how professors spend their time conducting research.


Interact with other curious students in a 30 minute post lecture group discussion led by Alex. Follow up with professors after the lecture if you have further thoughts or questions!

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Upcoming Lectures
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To be determined


Stay tuned for our next special guest as part of the Prime Academics Lecture Series!

Date TBD

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Past Lectures

Professor Lisa Shabel

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Philosophy

Ohio State University

Plato, Leibniz, Kant, Descartes, Pythagoras. Mathematicians or philosophers? They were both! Learn how to think like a philosopher through the lens of mathematics in a special interactive lecture presented by Lisa Shabel, a philosophy professor at Ohio State University and former high school mathematics teacher. Professor Shabel earned the Distinguished Teaching Award at OSU and is known among many of her students as one of the most inspiring professors they have ever had. Come get inspired!

Five students joined our lively discussion with Professor Shabel as we explored questions like "is mathematics discovered or created?" Professor Shabel also gave students an inside look at philosophy as a college major and described the many intellectual and career benefits of taking philosophy courses.

Thursday, August 6


Professor Brie Gertler

Commonwealth Professor of Philosophy

University of Virginia

Six students joined our discussion with Professor Gertler on Hume's Problem of Induction. Students were challenged to question what it means to really "know" that something is true as they were led through a thoughtful series of exercises and thought experiments.

Wednesday, July 22

"[My daughter] LOVED the philosophy lecture … we got into a really interesting conversation about alternative reality. Thank you so much for inviting her!!!" 

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