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The Prime Academics Story


Alex Porush

Founder and President

Alex earned a B.A. in mathematics and economics from NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematics. He has found success tutoring hundreds of students over the last twelve years in subjects ranging from Econometrics to Computer Science, AP Calculus to SAT prep. His real passion lies in math, where his deep understanding of the field allows him to approach topics from every angle imaginable. His varied exposure to the math curricula of dozens of schools, including problem based learning approaches like Exeter math, enables Alex to predict what teachers are going to test and how they are going to test it. He designs a unique approach specifically suited to each student's individual strengths and weaknesses.


True to the spirit of the subject he loves most, Alex is a high level problem solver and loves helping his students tackle problems of their own. His students enjoy working with him because he thinks of creative ways to explain complex concepts, keeping tutoring sessions fun and stress-free. He always goes the extra mile to make sure they are fully supported with the guidance they are seeking. Most of all, he pushes students to challenge their own standards of success and equips them with the confidence and skills needed to succeed. 

Over the years Alex has established himself as the go-to tutor in many communities and has been recognized by students and teachers alike as someone who gets the job done and cares about his students.

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A message from Alex

I have dedicated myself to the craft of private tutoring for the past twelve years. After working with hundreds of students in nearly every academic subject, I came to focus my tutoring on my greatest passion -- mathematics. My approach to tutoring is simple (or so I thought): I transcend the typical weekly session dynamic, becoming invested in my students and encouraging them to correspond with me throughout the week to ask for help and provide me with updates. I also create my own content (practice exercises, practice exams, study guides, etc.) to supplement what my students are working on and to ensure that they are feeling confident about the material and prepared for upcoming tests. I make myself available when my students need me and answer calls for help, whether they be academic or personal. My students know that I am committed to their long-term success; my role as a tutor and mentor continues to evolve over the many years that I work with most families. 

Finding tutors in other subjects that bring the same level of excitement, expertise and compassion to their sessions should be easy, right? Unfortunately, it seems that the tutoring market's inefficiency to deliver high quality and professional tutors has left students and their parents frustrated. I founded Prime Academics to address these students' particular needs, bringing together the best tutors in the industry from each subject. I sought out tutors who are gurus in their own respective fields and share the values that made me a successful tutor. Now, students have the opportunity to work with our top notch tutors while still maintaining my full involvement and commitment to making sure that all their needs are met. Supported by our small team collaborative approach, our students attain the highest levels of academic achievement without undue stress.

We curate every single student-tutor match by getting to know both our students and our tutors on a very personal level. We know that the foundation of all successful tutoring programs and mentorships is the connection between the student and the tutor.

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